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Amusement Park Experience

The K'NEX® Education Amusement Park Experience Set provides an opportunity to combine real-world applications with STEM concepts in a middle school classroom environment. Using these materials, students will be engaged and energized as they experience the interrelationships and further their knowledge and understanding of the science, technology, engineering and math concepts associated with such rides and structures. The Teacher's Guide offers a teaching approach that challenges students to take an active role in constructing their own knowledge by engaging in hands-on, inquiry-based learning, and by interacting and collaborating with other students while discussing ideas and concepts, informs the activities associated with the K'NEX® Education Amusement Park set.

Dna Replication & Transcription

The K''NEX DNA, Replication and Transcription set is designed to aid in teaching the structure and function of the nucleic acid molecules that make up DNA (deoxyribonucleic acids) and RNA (ribonucleic acids). Excellent demonstration tool at the elementary school level. Curriculum aligned to National Science Education standards for grades 5 – 12.

Energy, Motion & Aeronautics

The K''NEX® Education Energy, Motion & Aeronautics allows students to investigate a variety of concepts related to Newton''s Laws and aeronautics. These concepts include aeronautics as it applies to force and motion as well as the effects on individuals who work and live in space. Concepts and activities are fashioned around rigorous content and National Standards in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The teacher''s guide follows a modified version of the 5E instructional model – Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. Students will use the Scientific Inquiry and the Engineering Design Processes extensively throughout the lessons as they explore, create, invent, and innovate. Lessons include worksheets, key terms, design briefs, design challenges, research and design logs, and rubrics.

Exploring Machines

Hands-On Learning! The K''NEX® Education Exploring Machines set is designed to expand upon middle school student''s knowledge of simple machines concepts. Students investigate, explore and experiment with the K''NEX® simple machine models as they analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. The Teacher''s guide includes Student Inquiry Sheets and Worksheets for the models highlighted. Student Worksheets ask questions about the machine being investigated and present challenges that can be used to help students think more deeply about the concepts involved.

Forces, Energy & Motion

Off to the races with K''NEX® Education! The K''NEX® Education Forces, Energy & Motion set has been designed for students to investigate a variety of concepts related to forces, energy, and motion. These concepts are fashioned around rigorous STEM content and national standards in science, technology, engineering and math. As students engage in the activities, they will be learning, practicing, and applying integrated process skills. Students will be expected to craft fair test procedures, create meaningful data displays, make reasonable and data supported reports, and analyze their collected data in light of the problem at hand. These are just some of the process skills that students must employ as they use the K''NEX® Education Forces, Energy, and Motion Set. plans. Supports 12-16 students working in teams of 3-4.

Real Bridge Building

Bring STEM concepts to life with K''NEX® Education! The Real Bridge Building set is designed to assist students in their study of the history, function, structural design, geometry and strength of bridges. They will also investigate concepts related to the physical properties of materials and their application in the placement, design, and construction of bridges. The Teacher''s Guide offers a wide choice of activities and extensive background information provided to assist you as you present the materials and answer student questions. Each lessons includes background Information, Student Objectives, Student Inquiry Sheets, Glossary of Key Terms, Journaling Opportunities, and Skill Builder Activities

Renewable Energy

Go green and bring STEM concepts to life with the K''NEX® Education Renewable Energy Set! Designed to address critical science, technology and engineering concepts in the middle school classroom and provide instructional models that will enhance students'' understanding of these important concepts. Using K''NEX® and the lessons provided in the teacher guide enables you to offer students a program of study that uses hands-on exploration in conjunction with an engaging inquiry-based approach to learning. As students work cooperatively they are encouraged to work together as they build, investigate, discuss and evaluate concepts, ideas and designs.

Robotics Building System

Build, Program & Control with the K''NEX Education Robotics Building System!