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K'NEX Education®
K'NEX Education® sets are designed to maximize student engagement in today's busy classroom. Sets feature hands-on, inquiry-based lesson plans that help teach STEM topics and are aligned to national education standards.

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Education Motor Pack

Motorize your K'NEX models to make them more realistic with these two battery-powered motors. ("AA" batteries not included). Turn concept models into "Technology at Work".

Force And Newton's Laws

Off to the races with K'NEX® Education! The K'NEX® Forces and Newton's Laws Building Set has been designed for students to investigate a variety of concepts related to forces, energy, and motion. These concepts are fashioned around rigorous STEM content and national standards in science, technology, engineering and math. As students engage in the activities, they will be learning, practicing, and applying integrated process skills. Students will be expected to craft fair test procedures, create meaningful data displays, make reasonable and data supported reports, and analyze their collected data in light of the problem at hand. These are just some of the process skills that students must employ as they use the K'NEX® Education Forces, Energy, and Motion Set. plans. Supports 1-2 students.

Intermediate Math & Geometry

The K'NEX® Education Intermediate Math & Geometry set is designed to address critical mathematics concepts in the upper elementary school classroom and provide instructional models that will enhance students' understanding of important concepts and algorithms. K'NEX® Rods and Connectors and the included teacher's guide allow you to easily and effectively offer students a program of study that uses hands-on exploration in conjunction with an engaging inquiry-based approach to learning. Students work cooperatively and are encouraged to interact with each other as they build, investigate, discuss and evaluate mathematical concepts, ideas and models.

Kid K'NEX Education Classroom Collection

Stimulate preschool children's creativity and imagination with the KID K'NEX Education Classroom Collection!

Kid K'NEX Education Group Set

Make learning fun and exciting with the K'NEX Education Kid K'NEX Group Building Set! This toy set allows six to eight children to build eight different animal creatures at once.

Kid K'NEX Education Organisms And Lifecycles

Let preschoolers explore the world of science with the KID K'NEX Education Organisms and Lifecycles Kit!

Kid K'NEX Education® Transportation

Your children can bring their imagination to life with K'NEX Education KID K'NEX Transportation!This engineering educational toy allows young builders to create a variety of vehicles with fun faces, including cars, boats, and planes.

K'NEX Education Amusement Park Experience Set

Let students learn while having fun, building up to 13 different rides, with the K'NEX EDUCATION Amusement Park Set!

K'NEX Education Building Simple Machines Class Set

Build fully-functioning replicas of real-world machines alone or with friends and mix and match the components of the K'NEX Education Building Simple Machines Class Set!

K'NEX Education Discover Control Set

Learn the basics of coding with the K'NEX Education Discover Control Set

K'NEX Education Dna Replication And Transcription Set

Build DNA and RNA structures with the K'NEX Education DNA Replication and Transcription Set!

K'NEX Education Exploring Wind And Water Energy Set

Let your students explore the powers of wind and water with the K'NEX Education Exploring Wind and Water Energy Set!

K'NEX Education Intro To Simple Machines- Levers And Pulleys Set

Introduce your students to simple machines: levers and pulleys!

K'NEX Education Intro To Simple Machines: Wheels, Axles, & Inclined Planes Set

Introduce your students to simple machines: wheels, axles and inclined planes!