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Parents' Stories

K'NEXpert Challenge helped me see my son in a different light

Dear K'NEX:

I want to thank you for the K'NEXpert challenge. Your having the K'NEXpert challenge has led me to see my now 8 year old son in a different light. When I bought my 3 children a 275 Tub at a garage sale the first of July 2007, I thought I must have been out of my mind. I looked at the pictures and thought what have I done. Instantly my 3 children ages 7, 6, and 4 started building. My oldest opened the book and went to the windmill and started building it. He never even asked for help. Then for an early birthday gift we took him to the Wal-Mart to buy another brand of toy. As my son walked into Wal-Mart he saw another boy around the age of 16 walking out of the store with the Serpent's Spiral, my son was in love. He begged us to allow him to use his gift card to buy it. My son then set up to building the Serpent's Spiral but somehow during the building process skipped a page or two. I noticed on the back of the manual that there was a phone number for help. Thank you so much for your excellent operators who work on the phone. I do not know the name of the woman who we talked to but she took the time to talk to my son, who was very discouraged at that time. She told him that he should go to the K'NEX website and look at the big builds in the club area. She then told him that even the builders that work for K'NEX make mistakes and sometimes have to take a big build apart all the way in order to find 1 mistake. My son, as soon as we hung up asked if we could go and look at the K'NEX website, there my son saw the K'NEXpert challenge. To my surprise my son asked me if he could do it. He then proceeded to take apart his Serpent's Spiral roller coaster unfortunately in the process some of the yellow sun connectors broke. I called K'NEX and asked what should I do? To my surprise, the operator told me that she would send out a replacement. I then asked the operator about the K'NEXpert challenge. My computer's internet is not reliable and for me does not download PDF files. Your operator was so nice she sent me the replacement pieces and the K'NEXpert Challenge forms for free. Thank you.

On August 8, my son saw the Space Shuttle Endeavour go up into space and instantly my son started to try to build what he had seen. He asked us for a book on Space Shuttles and started to try to build one. He found out the hard way that the orange rods are not built for support because I heard a huge crash and found him lying under his first try. We picked up the first mess and instead of giving up he tried again this time using the red and grey rods for support. Unfortunately, we ran out of pieces again and again. We ended up buying 2 Renegade Run Roller coasters, and used their Christmas gifts we had bought as a surprise, one Wheels set, one 400 "15 year anniversary tub", and finally another 400 tub. Finally his projects were completed, (much to the dismay of his brother and sister, my oldest son's projects had used up all of the blue, purple, and grey connectors we had. Now they are trying to build with what they have left. My son's working with K'NEX is allowing me to see that there is a future possibility that my son could maybe some day become and architect or even an engineer. I do not know what God has planned for my son's life, but thank your company for giving my son something to do, and look forward to.

Thank you again,