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Erica Schnebel
Brand Manager

Hi! I’m Erica. I have been working at K’NEX for two years as a part of the Marketing department.

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What do you do at K’NEX?

I am a Brand Manager which is part of the Marketing Department. My day-to-day role is to manage the product development and brand positioning strategies for our licensed and non-licensed brands, including LINCOLN LOGS, TINKERTOY, Nintendo, Mighty Makers and K’NEX Thrill Rides. I work with all the various departments, like product design and graphics, to introduce new products into the market. I also create and help execute marketing and promotional activities for our brands.

What’s the best thing about working at K’NEX?

The best thing about working for K’NEX is knowing that kids, young and old, are brought joy through playing with our products.

What is your favorite K’NEX moment?

My favorite K’NEX moment was when I was promoted from Intern to Assistant Brand Manager. It showed me that hard work is noticed within the company and rewarded. I was also so excited to start my career, seeing as I had just graduated from college.

If you were a K’NEX roller coaster, what would your name be?

Hmm… for someone who names all our products, this is a really hard question! I would say I would be the Fierce and Fabulous Freefall Roller Coaster.

On item #11414 4 Wheel Truck, it says 3 building ideas, but I only see instructions for 1 idea. Please help!
Ben, age 7

Hi Ben! You can find additional instructions for most of our building sets by typing the product number or name into the search bar on, or by visiting our Building Instructions section. To make it even easier, click on this link and it will take you right to the available instructions for the 4 Wheel Truck:

What is the tallest K’NEX Roller Coaster Set?
Jaden, age 10

Great question, Jaden! Coming soon, this fall, we are introducing the Sky Sprinter Roller Coaster Building Set. This coaster stands over 7 feet tall – making it the taller K’NEX Roller Coaster yet!

Is K-FORCE available at Toys r Us?
Joe, age 13

Hello, Joe. K-FORCE is now available at Toys “R” Us! You can find it with the other K’NEX building sets, or right outside the construction aisle. You know what’s great too? Starting July 1st you can find it at many retailers nationwide!

In your opinion, do you like the classic or micro K’NEX more?
Jacob, age 12

I am classic K’NEX lover. My favorite pieces are those that we just released for Mighty Makers. They are classic K’NEX pieces, but some of the rods and connectors are hot pink, purple and lime green. For some reason, I find it easier to follow the instructions and can build much faster.

How do I buy a missing piece?
Beau, age 13

Hi Beau! There are several was to buy missing K’NEX pieces. The first is through There we have a whole “Parts and Extras” section. You can find tons of pieces there for individual sale. You can also call our Consumer Services hotline at 1-800-KID-KNEX. They can help you place an order for the parts that you are missing.

How much do you like your job at K’NEX?
Seth, age 9

Well, Seth, I would say on a scale of one to ten…. My answer would be like 99. Working at K’NEX means playing with toys every day. How can that not be AWESOME!