Everyday Stuff

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All files are provided in PDF format for easy printing. You'll need all the PDFs for each model. Download Acrobat Reader to view the files.

Arch BridgeArch Bridge:

Archimedes ScrewArchmides Screw:

Basketball GameBasketball Game:

Bird HouseBird House:

Bird Letter PickerBird Letter Picker:


Covered BridgeCovered Bridge:

Grand PianoGrand Piano:

Horseshoe GameHorseshoe Game:

Mini Ferris WheelMini Ferris Wheel:

Owl Picture FrameOwl Picture Frame:

Picture FramePicture Frame:


Playground StationPlayground Station:


Round & Round RideRound & Round Ride:

Salt-N-Pepper RideSalt-n-Pepper Ride:

Skull Plant HolderSkull Plant Holder:

Tape ToasterTape Toaster:

Tool BoxTool Box:

Wishing WellWishing Well: