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K'NEX Thrill Rides Product Help

Cobra's Curse Coaster

General Tips
  • Orientation of parts - Be sure to check and re-check orientation of blue and gray connectors. If you are unclear of the orientation on one page, go to next page to see what hooks into the pieces in question - this will help you place them correctly.
  • Track pieces - Connectors should attach to the track pieces with a firm snap. This will happen each time if you are sure to have each track piece oriented as the page clearly shows before attaching the connectors. If your track pieces keep popping off after you have attached them to the main structure, it is likely you have not "snapped" the connectors onto the correct side of the track.
  • Chain - Your chain may occasionally get caught on the black Chain Guides. When this happens the chain will stop moving and you will hear the motor clicking. Simply re-position the Chain between the Guides to stop the problem. Also, be sure to count and make sure you have the appropriate number of chain links put together. You may actually get a piece or two more included in the bag than what is called for in the instructions!

Specific Building Help
  • Page 13, Step 18 - Don't be fooled by this optical illusion - a purple, red and yellow rod are attached to the vertical gray connector and a purple rod is attached to the horizontal blue connector (this one looks shorter because it is pointing toward you). After you have made this construction, it should easily fit onto the structure in just the right spot. Page 13, Step 20 - Be sure to snap orange connector onto side of blue rod - the rod does not go through the hole in the orange connector.
  • Page 15 and Page 16 - Close-up images - these are shown flipped around so you can see exactly what connection points are used to attach the purple rod