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Light Up Ferris Wheel

General Tips
  • Follow the orientation of the blue and gray connectors carefully as you build.
  • As you complete each level, gently press down on the structure from the top in a few spots to assure that all pieces are fully hooked together. The model should feel slightly "springy" if all is attached properly.
  • Follow the alignment of all connectors carefully in instructions (especially in Step 23 on page 13 when attaching the gray and tan connectors with the tan rod/connector and black rod). This will be important when attaching seats later in the build.
  • It is normal for the motor to click a few times when you first turn it on - this is a clutch mechanism to keep the motor from burning out as it begins to turn the wheel.
  • If the wheel does not turn properly or seems out of balance: (add this but keep what is currently on page)
  • Be sure that the orange rods that go along the outer circumference of the wheel are attached to the center connection point on the yellow connectors and NOT going through the holes in the connectors (see Page 15, Step 25 and 26).
  • Follow the gear arrangement starting on Page 9 and moving step by step through page 11 to be sure all gears and connectors are attached in the right place, meshed properly and that all connectors are in the right position (especially the nubs on the tan connectors)
  • Be sure that the red transition rods that attach to the white connectors in the center of the wheel alternate between inside and outside white connector on each side.  If they do not, go back to Page 11 and following in the instructions to correct - do not try to correct without following the instructions.