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K’NEX Education sets are effective learning tools that help you teach basic and complex science, technology, engineering and math concepts. Curriculum supported, our sets are inquiry-based and aligned to ITEEA, NSES and NCTM Standards. Our Professional Resources provide you the materials needed to seamlessly integrate K'NEX programs into your classroom.

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K'NEX in the Classroom

One Amazing K'NEX Education Exemplary Classroom! Check it out! Send us your K’NEX Classroom pictures.

K'NEX Workshops and Conferences

Attend one of our workshops and learn how K'NEX Education Sets can become valuable tools in your classroom.

Thrill Ride Build Off

Classrooms across the country created the coolest, fastest amusement park rides.

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Building STEM Solutions

K’NEX Education develops curriculum supported Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) sets for use in elementary, middle and high school classrooms. Making it easy to incorporate K’NEX into the classroom, our inquiry-based teacher’s guides include objectives, activities, key concepts, journals and worksheets.

K'NEX lesson plans provide everything the teacher needs to not only teach the students, but also assess what they have learned.

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