Benefits of K'NEX Education Sets

"Today was the first day that we used the Intermediate Math Set in class. The students were very excited when I took out the K'NEX pieces. They all knew what they were - they just couldn't imagine how we were going to use them in Math class"    More...

Using K'NEX Education Sets in the Classroom
There is no right or wrong way to teach with K'NEX! Expect excitement when you teach with K'NEX. Remember, this translates into learning motivation. K'NEX Education sets have curriculum guides which are written for open-ended, inquiry based investigations into the subjects under discussion. Sets can accommodate students working in pairs, teams or larger cooperative groups. The suggested number of students accommodated per set is based on building directly from building instructions included in the set. Creative construction allows even more students to build contemporaneously. To help manage K'NEX components, create a student inventory control team or weigh K'NEX parts at the beginning and end of each building session.

Benefits of K'NEX

  • Easy to use, identifiable K'NEX parts
  • Color-coded building instructions, no intimidating language
  • Versatile, flexible, affordable comprehensive sets
  • Large models with functioning capabilities of real-world objects
  • Universal K'NEX parts allow unlimited set use across the curriculum
  • Curricula is developed and tested by educators
  • Interdisciplinary activities easily incorporated into any classroom
  • Lessons presented through teacher-directed, whole class instruction or independent/small group study at learning stations
  • Lesson plans are flexible, versatile, adaptable and easily executed to meet individual age and ability level
  • Activities align with National Science, Math and Technology Standards.
  • K'NEX parts stay together through building and experimentation
  • Lifetime guarantee on all K'NEX parts
  • Refurbishment of K'NEX parts are readily available
  • Affordable! For about $300, a K'NEX Deluxe Simple Machines Set offers more parts and collateral materials than competitive products.
  • New Collectible Sets allows you to purchase sets for $25.00, a couple at a time, to build a classroom solution without a large initial expense.

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