K'NEX in the Classroom

One Amazing K'NEX Education Exemplary Classroom!

Teacher:  Steve Marotta
School:  Drexel Hill Middle School
Subject Area:  Technology Education

Technology education teacher, Steve Marotta of Drexel Hill Middle School appears engulfed in a sea of K'NEX Education creations. Steve has motivated students for years by using K'NEX Education materials to enhance his Technology Education program. His goal is to ensure that he has a classroom that excites students and stimulates their desire to create, explore, and learn. Every student maintains their work in folders and they are constantly jotting down notes or logging information as to their progress.

Another great example of an educator using K'NEX to inspire creativity, imagination and learning! Well Done, Steve!

Email us at classroomknex@knex.com and show us how you use K'NEX in the classroom!

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