Professional Development & Training

We continue to present workshops at regional and national educational conferences across the United States. These workshops are designed to demonstrate the ways these sets can be used in the classroom, while at the same time giving educators the opportunity to experience the excitement their students will feel when using K'NEX to learn science, math, and technology concepts. 

The K'NEX Education sets shown within this site are developed to align with National Standards, and where available, correlations to state standards are also shown. The list of state standards continues to grow, so if your state is not currently listed, please check back regularly as we will continue to update this information when it becomes available. The Teacher's Guides available from K'NEX Education are written by award-winning educators who currently use K'NEX Education sets themselves and understand the unique situations and challenges teachers face in the classroom. 

We will continue to provide quality, useful information on our sets in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to: 

  • Our extensive catalog
  • Our informative website
  • Our toll-free educators' hotline 1-888-ABC-KNEX

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