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August 2014's Fan of the Month

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August’s fan of the month is Max. Max is 12 years old and lives in North Aurora, IL.

Hi! I’m Max. My favorite thing to do in the summer when I'm not building to go to the skate park. I BMX and pro scooter. My favorite thing to do in the winter is snowboarding.

K’NEX: What is your first memory of playing with K’NEX?
Max: What really got me started building big was seeing this amazing K’NEX ball machine on I knew I couldn't build something that awesome and big, but I started with a small ball machine and then kept making it bigger and bigger as I got more pieces. My advice to K’NEX builders is never think something is too big for you to build. Even if you don't have enough pieces just improvise, make a smaller one.

K’NEX: How have these skills translated into your life outside of building with K'NEX?
Max: I one day hope to be an engineer and I think K’NEX is training me to build other stuff as well. Maybe one day I’ll build a real roller coaster just like one of my K’NEX ones.

K’NEX: What is your biggest success this far in building with K'NEX? In your life?
Max: : My biggest success is probably my latest K’NEX ball machine: Craze. It already has an amazing structure and one awesome track. Here is a video of it:


K’NEX: Tell us about your biggest build. How large was it? How many pieces did you use? How long did it take you to build it? Why did you decide to build it?
Max: My biggest build so far is my ball machine Zippy Zoom. It was 9’ x 5’ x 7’, no clue how many pieces but I’d say there were a lot. I started building it December 2012 and finished December 2013. Here's a video of Zippy Zoom:

K’NEX: Do you have other huge builds planned for the near future? What are they?
Max: I hope to someday build a ball machine that fills my room and has like 16 routes with like a tunnel from my door to my bed. I think that would be so cool. I’d also like to build a big wooden style outdoor K’NEX rollercoaster.

K’NEX: What other future goals do you have for yourself?
Max: : Right now I’m planning the rest of my K’NEX ball machine; Craze; with all the routes and how they will lay out. After, I might build a roller coaster or something, I'm not really sure what I’ll do.

K’NEX: What inspires you?
Max: I am inspired by what I have already built and by dreaming about what I could build. It also helps when people are just blown away by something that, in my mind, is easy. Then I want to build even more.

K’NEX: Do you have any advice for parents of K'NEX builders?
Max: My advice for parents of K’NEX builders is not to limit your child’s imagination. If they run out of K’NEX while building something, get them more!

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