2014 K'NEXperts

Name: Kimber

State: TX

Age: 7


Question and Answer:

When did you start building with K'NEX?
When I was 6 years old

How did you come up with the idea for your winning model?
I was thinking about the pond where we go feed the ducks.

What has been your most challenging K'NEX creation?
Getting my frog to stand up.

Do you have a favorite past K'NEXpert? If so, who?
Rachel, because she is creative.

How many siblings do you have? What are their age(s) and gender(s)?
4- 2 sisters age 10 and 7, 2 brothers age 6 and 5.

Do they build with K'NEX too? Do you build models together?
Not very often.

What are your favorite hobbies (besides building with K'NEX)?
I love to do gymnastics!

What is your favorite subject in school?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A Mom.

What is the coolest part about being a 2014 K'NEXpert?
Getting new Knex in the mail.

What advice do you have for other kids who want to be a K'NEXpert?
Don't give up!