TINKERTOY construction sets are truly timeless, classic toys. Sparking imaginative play in children for generations, TINKERTOY proves that fun and stimulating toys never go out of style. Watching children play with pencils, sticks, and empty spools of thread inspired inventor Charles Pajeau to develop the line in 1913 . Conceived in his garage, Pajeau's original design involved several basic wooden parts which children could assemble in a variety of three dimensional abstract ways. What started as a humble toy designed in a garage, became a national favorite: nearly one million TINKERTOY sets were sold in the year following its debut. TINKERTOY developed into a national phenomenon and to this day continues to inspire children everywhere to use their imaginations. In fact, in 1998 TINKERTOY was nominated into the National Toy Hall of Fame, solidifying its place in the hearts of children, young and old!

K'NEX is pleased to bring this beloved toy into the 21st century and has produced TINKERTOY with durable plastic parts that snap together and stay together so kids can play with their creations. The switch from wood to plastic came after conducting extensive research with parents across the U.S. The bright, energetic colors serve to capture the attention of children as they create and explore with TINKERTOYs. Bringing nearly 100 years of fun and enjoyment to children everywhere, K'NEX hopes that TINKERTOY products will continue to inspire children everywhere to imagine, build and play.