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Screamin' Serpent

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The K'NEX SCREAMIN' SERPENT Roller Coaster set lets you build an awesome replica of today's "steel-style" coaster, and then bring it to life! Assemble the coaster track complete with twists, turns, and loops, pop the six thrill-seeking kid figures into the serpent car, and turn on the motor! Watch the cars and listen to the "click , click, click, as they climb to the top of the lift, plunge screaming down the hill, then head back up for another thrill-packed ride. Over 6 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 3' ft tall! It's building fun for the whole family!
ALSO BUILDS: SCREAMIN SERPENT Jr. -- Model comes with a canopy and is 5 feet long. Perfect for smaller spaces!


  • Authentic Steel Coaster Design
  • Motorized Chain Lift
  • Sound Module
  • 1,280 Pieces
  • 3 Rail-Huggin Cars
  • 6 Figures
  • Zero-G Loop!
  • Over 3ft High and 6ft Long!
  • 23 Feet of Track!
  • Color coded instructions
  • Instructions for (2) builds: Screamin Serpent or Scre
  • UPC: 744476631534

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Screamin Serpent 63153
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Screamin Serpent 63153

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Screamin' Serpent

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