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Standard Yellow Connector
Item #: 90906
Price: $0.26

Standard Blue Connector
Item #: 90907
Price: $0.30

Standard White Connector
Item #: 90908
Price: $0.34

Standard Dark Gray Connector
Item #: 909091
Price: $0.20

Standard Gold Connector
Item #: 90910
Price: $0.26

Blue Hinge
Item #: 90912
Price: $0.12

Standard Black Rod/Connector
Item #: 90914
Price: $0.07

Black Head Top
Item #: 90920
Price: $0.25

Black Ball Joint
Item #: 90940
Price: $0.08

Black Ball Socket
Item #: 90945
Price: $0.09

Standard Green Rod- 3/4in.
Item #: 90950
Price: $0.06

Standard White Rod- 1 5/16in.
Item #: 90951
Price: $0.08

Standard Blue Rod - 2 1/4in.
Item #: 90952
Price: $0.11

Standard Red Rod- 5 1/8in.
Item #: 90954
Price: $0.26

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Showing 136 to 150 of 214 Products


The collection and use of K-FORCE Build and Blast toys are completely safe, as long as certain precautions are taken and safety guidelines are adhered to.

First, be sure to read the accompanying instruction manual before using your K-FORCE Build and Blast toy.  It includes important safety information.   

, K-FORCE Build and Blast toys include small parts, which can be a choking hazard.  K-FORCE Build and Blast toys are, therefore, not suitable for children under 3 years of age, and should always be used with direct adult supervision.

, protective eyewear should be used at all times.  Although K-FORCE blasters should never be fired at point blank range or aimed towards the eyes or face, ricochets and accidents can occur, and wearing appropriate protective eyewear is the best defense.
Never, shoot at someone who is not wearing proper protective eyewear.

, never shoot or aim your K-FORCE blaster at animals, or at anything you do not intend to shoot.  By keeping your blaster pointed in a safe direction at all times, the chance of injuries can be greatly diminished.  Be sure of your intended target, and what is behind it.  Before firing your K-FORCE blaster, be aware of what you may hit if you miss your intended target. 

do not store your K-FORCE blaster charged and loaded, and never look down the barrel of the blaster with your naked eye if it is charged or loaded.  To avoid injury, use only foam darts designed for K-FORCE Build and Blast toys.  Do not modify your K-FORCE foam darts or Blaster Chamber. 

if your K-NEX® target pieces separate at any point during game play, you should immediately repair the target before continuing to shoot your K-FORCE foam darts at it.

play safe and have fun!

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