Name: Connor

State: OH

Age: 5

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Question and Answer:

When did you start building with K'NEX?
Two years ago, when I was 4 years old.What was your most challenging K'NEX creation?My K'NEX Fair because I barely had enough pieces!Where did you come up with the idea for your winning model?At the fair! (Mom's note: we go to a lot of festivals and the local county fair throughout the summer, so he had lots of opportunities to observe the rides and try to figure out how he could make something similar but unique for the K'NEXpert contest. He actually made more to include in his fair, but we talked him into keeping it simple so it would show well in the pictures!)Do you have a favorite past K'NEXpert, if so who?LanieHow many siblings do you have? What are their age(s) and gender?I have one brother. His name is Jesse, and he is 3 years old.

Do they build with K'NEX too? Do you build models together?
Yes, he builds with K'NEX, too. He likes to build things with the pieces I'm not using for my design.

What are your favorite hobbies (besides building with K'NEX)?
BESIDES building with K'NEX? Hmmm.... BUYING them so that I can build with them! Also going for walks, drawing with my pencil, crayons, markers, colored pencils, art kit...

What is your favorite subject in school?
RECESS! (Mom says, "A subject is a part of school where you learn something.") Oh,.....reading!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A K'NEXpert! (Mom says, "You already ARE a K'NEXpert!") I mean one of the ones that works at the factory!What has been the coolest part about being a 2010 K'NEXpert?Actually having the feeling that I AM one!!!