A Teacher's Guide on How K'NEX Toys Benefit Your Classroom

STEM education and toys have become increasingly popular amongst educators, parents, and the public with teachers placing a strong emphasis on these core subjects in their classroom. In fact, STEM toys for kids give children the opportunity to learn hands-on, problem-solving based skills that are becoming more valuable as time passes.

Our K’NEX Education STEM products, made for children and young adults in grades Pre-K through 12th, offer students numerous benefits not only at home, but also in the classroom. If you’re a teacher you might be thinking, “I’ve heard of STEM toys before, but I am unsure how K’NEX building sets will benefit my students?” Keep reading to find out just how important science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have become over the last few years for children, and how K’NEX can foster their growth.

Foster a Lifelong Love of Learning

Growth and development go hand in hand with success, and without learning, there is no growth or success. Children, especially those of elementary school age, have a natural curiosity, and introducing them to K’NEX building sets drive that curiosity and fulfills their thirst for knowledge. Learning then becomes more than educational - it becomes fun, engaging, and fosters a lifelong love of school and being in the classroom.

Apply Meaningful and Important Concepts

STEM learning applies the four C’s—which have been coined as key 21st-century skills—creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Teachers can watch their students’ imaginations run wild with the numerous building possibilities found in every K’NEX toy set as they explore, discover, and work together.

Adaptable and Great for All Ages

As previously mentioned, K’NEX offers STEM products for a variety of ages from Pre-K all the way through 12th. Even if there are children of different ages and skill sets, the teaching methods and guides provided in K’NEX Education sets are inquiry-based, adaptable, and cater to student’s preferred methods of learning.


If you’re an educator and interested in learning more about our K’NEX Education building sets, you can access our full lineup of products by browsing our website. If you already purchased an education set and need a corresponding teacher’s guide, we also have these conveniently located directly on our website, ready for use!

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