Kid K'NEX Building Sets Perfect for Preschoolers

All parents want their little ones to succeed and will do whatever they can to give them an advantage in life. While there are many educational toys out there that try help kids learn, most of them are not fun to play with in the long run.


But, below you'll learn why Kid K’NEX building sets are ...

What Exactly is a STEM Toy?

Maybe you’ve seen the acronym before or maybe you haven’t—but chances are if you’re a parent and have done any type of research on educational toys, the phrase “STEM” has crossed your path on more than one occasion. For those who aren’t too familiar with STEM education and how you can integrate scie...

What Exactly is a STEM Toy?

If you do not already know, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but do you know why STEM is becoming increasingly important to our youth? Find out exactly what a STEM toy is below and building toys for kids can teach your children valuable life skills for their future!

A Teacher's Guide on How K'NEX Toys Can Benefit Your Classroom

If you're looking for a new and innovative way of teaching, K'NEX creative building toys for kids and young adults is the perfect solution! Open our convenient infographic below to find out more on how K'NEX can benefit your classroom today.


A Teacher's Guide on How K'NEX Toys Benefit Your Classroom

STEM education and toys have become increasingly popular amongst educators, parents, and the public with teachers placing a strong emphasis on these core subjects in their classroom. In fact, STEM toys for kids give children the opportunity to learn hands-on, problem-solving based skills that are be...

3 Ways to Foster Your Child's Engineering Interests with K'NEX Building Sets

Is your child a budding engineer? K'NEX building sets for kids are a great tool to introduce to your little one who's shown a keen interest in pursuing a career in engineering! Take a look below at how K'NEX STEM toys can foster their growing interest.


3 Ways Children Can Use K'NEX Building Toys to Feed Their Engineering Interests

For the majority of Americans, the holiday season is the time when most parents and other family members shower children with more toys than they know what to do with. So, why not get them something fun AND educational that will also enable them to develop valuable skills they can use in the future?

K'NEX: Which Building Set Is Right for Your Child?

Research has shown that construction toys are amongst some of the best educational tools on the market today. Not only do they help children with their divergent thinking skills, but they teach the basics of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), too. But with so many educational toy buildin...

K'NEX Celebrates 25 Years - Did You Know These Fun Facts About Us?

For 25 years K'NEX has been powering young minds' imaginations, infusing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into every building set. Children of all ages and all different skill levels will find easy-to-follow instructions with every set for amazing creations, every time. Check out our infog...

5 Educational Benefits Children Receive from Building Toys

K’NEX has been around for almost three decades and holds a special place in every Millennial’s heart who let their imaginations run wild while clicking rods and connectors together in their formative years. Now, 25 years later, K’NEX building sets are household favorites that have been passed down f...

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