Kid K'NEX Zoomin' Rides Building Set

Age: 3+
SKU: 85616
Introduce your children to the wonderful world of K'NEX and let them learn the art of building and creating with the Zoomin' Rides Building Set from Kid K'NEX!

  • The Zoomin' Rides Building Set contains 64 parts and pieces that boast bright colors and sturdy construction
  • Let your child create their favorite Zoomin' Rides using the rotating wheels and large eye parts found in this set.
  • This Kid K'NEX set comes with 20 amazing building ideas that let kids build awesome vehicles and aircrafts!
  • The set includes a fully colored instructions sheet that contains 20 suggested building ideas.
  • KID K'NEX aids the growth of key developmental abilities like fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity
  • . Building with K'NEX puts children on a path of STEAM/STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts & math).
  • KID K'NEX rods and connectors are responsibly made at a zero-waste manufacturing facility in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.
  • Broken part? Missing part? If you find yourself in need of a replacement for any reason, just give us a call! Packaging may vary
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Introduce your children to the wonderful world of K'NEX and let them learn the art of building and creating with the Zoomin' Rides Building Set from Kid K'NEX! Allow your little ones to have fun while learning with this educational toy that's designed for ages 3 and above.Ignite your children's curiosity and let their imaginations soar to greater heights as they become familiar with a toy that lets them have fun and express their ideas! This building set contains 64 parts and pieces that boast vibrant colors and premium quality construction. It includes special parts and pieces that are only available in Kid K'NEX sets, such as colorful eyes and spinning wheels. Let your builders create basic-looking vehicles on their own and guide them in constructing complex structures that will surely keep them excited and busy crafting more models!Each Zoomin' Rides Building Set comes with an instructions sheet that contains step-by-step procedures for constructing the 20 suggested building ideas. This set will keep your children interested and engaged for hours of creative play. Let them construct cars that move, ships that cruise, planes that fly, and so much more with this set and unleash their fascination for vehicles!Encourage and support your children's development by igniting their natural curiosity and creativity. Building with the Zoomin' Rides Building Set helps hone your child's hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, cognitive functions, and spatial intelligence. Allow your children's imaginations to flourish with this educational toy! Let them design, construct, and customize their own models and enjoy hours of fun as they play and learn.Get your children the Zoomin' Rides Building Set today and help them develop their potential to build and create so that they can be ready to conquer greater tasks!

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