K'NEX: Which Building Set Is Right for Your Child?

Research has shown that construction toys are amongst some of the best educational tools on the market today. Not only do they help children with their divergent thinking skills, but they teach the basics of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), too. But with so many educational toy building sets available, it can be hard deciding which one is right for your child’s specific needs.


At K’NEX, you will find we have building sets for kids of all ages, skills, and gender! Your child will get to work building his or her own unique, masterful creations, utilizing motor skills, as well as enhancing focus and patience, right before your very eyes!


K’NEX wants your child to get the most out of a building set; therefore, we’ve set up a quick guide to help you decide which building set is right for them based on your little one’s age.



Age 3 - 5


At this age, parents can start introducing building sets to their preschooler because they require less supervision than they did when they were toddlers. Now is the time when young imaginations really start to blossom and introducing them to building sets will only amplify their creativity. The building sets listed below contain large, easy to handle pieces ideal for little hands, as well as lots of bright, fun colors to keep them engaged for hours!


We suggest:

  •      Kid K’NEX
  •      TINKERTOY



Age 5 - 7


Children in kindergarten to second grade can follow basic instructions so they will be able to build on their own, with just a little assistance for more complicated structures. At this age, they will also want to start collecting sets according to their own specific interests whether that be a favorite TV show or pastime. Children begin working together, collaborating, and building their cooperative skills at this time too.


We suggest:

  •      K’NEX Imagine
  •      K’NEX Thrill Rides
  •      Nintendo Building Sets
  •      Plants Vs. Zombies Sets



Age 8 - Older


Kids 8 and older look for a challenge when it comes to building. They want a building set that's not quickly thrown together but takes time, effort, and mind power. Ferris wheels, roller coasters, spacecrafts, motorized sets—these are all fantastic options for the older, growing mind!


We suggest:

  •      K’NEX Thrill Rides
  •      K’NEX Imagine
  •      K-FORCE
  •      K’NEX Education


Explore everything that K’NEX has to offer, and we are positive you will find something suitable for your child!

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